Historic images of people using the parks

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Model Plane class in Encanto Park, probably late 1940's
Model airplane building 
class in the 1940's

Encanto playground friends in the 1950's

Encanto playground pals 
in the 1950's

Canoes were very popular in Encanto lagoon, 1950-60's
Canoes proceeded the paddle 
boats in the Encanto Lagoon 
during the 1950-60's

1960 youth
1960's youth creating a 
peace and love poster

Encanto basketball team in the late 60's
1970 basketball teams 
sign up at Encanto Park

Dancing kids
Kids in the polyester leisure suits of the early 1970's dance 
The Funky Chicken

Seranade in the park
An early 70's serenade in the park

Kids and their art project
Art class students showing a colorful art project, 1970's

Staff helps with outdoor art project
Staff helps with outdoor art project

Fire Safety Demonstration
Early 1970's fire safety 
demonstration at Encanto Park

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt, Encanto 
Park mid 1970s 

Independence Day celebrant
Independence Day celebrant 
from the early 80's

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