Cactus Garden Restoration

Carraro Cactus Garden 

A stone lined path to the Castle meanders through the restored Carraro Cactus Garden


Originally constructed over several years around 1930, the once-lush Carraro Cactus Gardens slowly withered after the Castle was vacated in 1969. But there is new life in the Garden. Since early 2006, city staff and hired contractors have been painstakingly restoring the garden, which provides the lush desert setting for the landmark Tovrea Castle.

Staff with the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department worked hand-in-hand with cactus restoration experts to restore the vibrancy of the garden. The Garden boasts more than 5,000 cacti in over 100 varieties.

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus 

 A Strawberry Hedgehog in bloom

Since beginning work in early 2006 on the cactus garden restoration, crews have:

Purchased and planted 352 Saguaro Cacti.

Relocated over 2,000 cacti.

Weeded and pruned desert plants on the entire 20 acres.

Removed 38 diseased Saguaros.

Planted 62 trees on 30 acres.

Performed 50 cactus "surgeries" to save diseased cactus.

Begun design and started plantings for four stations of the planned interpretative trail.

Inspected all cacti and plants on 46 acres for necrosis and other diseases.

Planted wildflower seeds for winter and spring on 10 acres.

Propagated 3,000 cacti cuttings.


Blooming Ocotillo


Prickley Pear Cactus 

Prickly Pear