City Park Special Activity Requests

When planning to use a City of Phoenix facility for a special activity or event, it is important to be aware that some restrictions may apply. We have compiled the following list of guidelines to assist you in your planning efforts. Once you read through the list, you can access the request form through the link at the bottom of the page.

  • City Code 23-14 (G) Prohibits loud music - Amplified music requires formal staff approval and will be used only to the extent that the noise does not interfere with other park users and/or the neighborhood. Event/group responsible must comply with any requests to lower sound from park rangers, police, neighbors, and other park users. If approved, amplified music or sound is limited to specific times at certain parks with a fee of $10.00.
  • City Code 24-38 - Possession of alcohol in the park without a permit is not permissible. An alcohol permit is needed if alcohol is present. A permit must be purchased if alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto city premises. Only beer is allowed in City of Phoenix Parks. The cost is $28.00 per permit. The person filing for a permit must be on-site at all times during the event and is responsible for the conduct of all group members.
  • City Code 24-39(A) - Possession of any glass containers presents a safety hazard and is not permitted in any City of Phoenix Park.
  • City Code # 24-40 - Unauthorized vending or selling on park property is prohibited and will not be permitted.
  • City Code # 24-51 -Motor vehicles are restricted to the parking lot. Do not drive on sidewalks or open space areas. Equipment or supplies such as, tables, chairs etc. must be carried to the park area from the parking lot.
  • There is a normal processing period of 5-10 business days for requests. Some requests requiring special handling may require up to one year for approval from either City staff or the Parks and Recreation Board. Please submit your requests in a timely manner with this in mind. If any dignitaries are expected, they should be listed on the request form. Please do not advertise your event until you have received approval. The City of Phoenix is not responsible for lost deposits or commitments made to vendors.
  • All picnic facilities/ramadas are available on a first come, first served basis only (except for a select ramadas in the Mountain Preserves, and at Encanto, Steele Indian School, and Margaret T. Hance parks.) This request does not guarantee the facility for your use; however it allows us to monitor and avoid conflicts with other park patrons or with scheduled City sponsored events and activities.
  • Certificates of Insurance: Various activities will require insurance and/or special permits. After receiving your request, City staff will notify you to provide these documents if needed. The insurance should be for $2,000,000 and should be worded as follows: "City of Phoenix, a municipal corporation, its officers, officials, agents and employees are listed as additional insured." Also state the designated park/area, time and date of event. It is possible to submit a `blanket coverage certificate` good for one year for events in city parks. If insurance is required, it must be submitted to City staff at least thirty days prior to the event.
  • The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department staff has the right to cancel any activity deemed to be disruptive, hazardous, damaging to the facility or threatening the safety of participants/spectators. The user group is responsible for reimbursing the city for any damage caused to property resulting from improper use or failure to follow city policies.
  • The individual making the Special Activity Request must be on-site at all times during the event, and will be responsible for ensuring participants, caterers, etc. are aware of and adhere to all City policies, rules and regulations.
  • Events involving vending, selling or registering participants for paid programs or events are not permitted on park property.
  • Leave No Trace! It is your responsibility to leave the site clean. Special attention is expected to be given regarding decorations whichmay leave an inordinate amount of debris. Trash cans must be emptied into main dumpsters. Charcoal should be extinguished and allowed to cool before user group leaves the site. Some events may require the user group to remove their own trash from the park.
  • Basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts are available on a first come, first served basis only. They must be used for their designated purpose.
  • Softball and soccer fields can be reserved upon payment, in person, at department offices. Athletic field reservations must be made at least two working days prior to the reservation date. A minimum of two hours is required.
  • A pre-event walk through of the site may be required by City of Phoenix Parks Staff.
  • Activity set-ups may not block or limit access to public areas such as restrooms, playgrounds, parking lots or sidewalks.
  • No power will be available at park locations.
  • No water activities are allowed in the parks.
  • No petting zoos, pony rides, etc. allowed in the parks.
  • All inflatablesrequire approval and a $10.00 fee for each inflatable.​

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