Beer Permit Guidelines

​Beer permits may be purchased for most Phoenix Parks and Recreation parks; please contact your closest Phoenix Parks and Recreation office if you have questions regarding specific park restrictions. 

The cost for a beer permit is $28 per day, per park.  Permits must be purchased in person at a designated registration location.

Note: If your gathering is expected to have more than 50 attendees, a Special Activity Request must be submitted to the Phoenix Parks Department, and activity approval must be granted, before your beer permit is purchased.



  1. Permit is non-transferable and non-refundable.

  2. Permit is valid for date, restricted to park, location and number in group as indicated (not valid for entire park.)

  3. Glass beverage containers are not permitted.

  4. Permit holder only is allowed to bring beer (or alcohol if allowed at park) into the park and is responsible for the conduct of all group members.

  5. Area must be left clean.

  6. Obnoxious behavior or excessive noise will not be permitted.

  7. Park hours as posted must be observed.

  8. Permit holder must retain permit and make it available upon request by proper park or police official.

  9. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed by team members during athletic team competition.

  10. Issuance of Alcohol Permit does not guarantee a reservation.

  11. The sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages in City parks is strictly prohibited unless a special license and insurance are obtained.

  12. Permit holder will be responsible for assuming ALL MEMBERS of his/her party are of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages according to Arizona State Law.

  13. Issuance of Beer/Alcohol Permit does not guarantee a reservation.

  14. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in parking lots, band-shells, or kiddie land areas.

  15. Vehicles must remain in parking lots and in designated parking areas

​Permit Offices: