Phoenix Parks Code of Conduct

The athletic fields, sports courts and recreation facilities of the Phoenix Parks and Recreation provide a place for tens of thousands of residents to enjoy organized league play and structured recreation programming. The department has established a Code of Conduct Policy for all groups using department facilities for organized activities. The links below provide details on group requirements under the Code of Conduct Policy.


What does the policy do?

  • Policy for those attending, or participating in, department programs and/or using parks facilities
    Sets minimum standards and expectations
Requires user organizations to:
  • draft and implement own code of conduct
  • ensure that all individuals are informed
  • actively monitor and address any infractions  
What are the minimum standards and expectations for conduct?
  • Conducting themselves in a proper and socially acceptable manner
  • Behavior supports the health, safety and well-being of others
  • Drug free environment
  • Refrain from the use of profanity or offensive language and ethnic slurs
  • Abiding by all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances
  • Abstaining from conduct intended to humiliate or intimidate others
Code of Conduct Complaint & Enforcement Process
Role of the Club/Organization  
  • Address all code of conduct complaints utilizing due process
  • All code of conduct related complaints directed to club or organization
  • Address issues of credibility and judgment of fact  
When will the department become involved in code of conduct issues?
  • Organization has failed to produce a code of conduct
  • Organization has failed to follow their established due process
  • Penalties can range from warnings to loss of facility use privileges

Presentation to the National Recreation and Parks Association Congress in September 2007- Indianapolis, Indiana

Nation's first municipal policy on codes of conduct for parks and recreation facilities.