Radio-Controlled Aircraft in Phoenix Parks

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has designated eight city parks, listed below, as radio or remote-control aircraft locations. 
Phoenix city code, section 24-49

  • Coyote Basin Park - 2730 E. Beardsley Rd. (27th Pl. and Beardsley Rd.)
  • Desert Foothills Park - Lower Field - 1010 Marketplace Southwest (Chandler Blvd. and Desert Foothills Pkwy.)
  • Dynamite Park - 4550 E. Dynamite Rd. (north of Dynamite Rd. at 44th Street)
  • El Prado Park - 6428 S. 19th Ave. (19th Ave. and Southern Ave.)
  • Esteban Park - Eastern Quadrant - 3345 E. Roeser Rd. (32nd St. and Broadway Rd.)
  • Grover's Basin Park B - 17447 N. 20th St. (Cave Creek Rd. and Grovers Ave.)
  • Mountain View II Park - open space south of the ballfield, 9901 N. 7th Ave. (7th and Cinnabar avenues)
  • Werner's Field Park - 17831 N. 7th Ave. (7th and Grovers avenues)