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In 2010, the City of Phoenix adopted the Tree and Shade Master Plan that laid out the vision of a healthier, more livable and prosperous Phoenix through investment in the urban forest. The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department maintains 220 parks and 718 linear miles of street landscape. There are thousands of trees that need to be planted and maintained and the Parks and Recreation Department needs your help.

Citizen Foresters serve the community by helping City staff properly plant and care for urban trees. They help lead tree plantings, teaching volunteers how to plant and maintain trees as well as spread the word about the value of the urban forest.

At a volunteer tree planting 9/11/10 sponsored by Phoenix Community Alliance, Hands on Greater Phoenix and Phoenix Parks & Recreation, 70 volunteers planted 20 trees and cleaned up the dog park at Steele Indian School Park.

Wells Fargo Volunteers Volunteers clipping bushes Volunteers planting trees
Volunteers planted over 20 trees Volunteers learning ther fundamentals of tree planting Hauling dirt

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