SECTION II Categories of Participation


  • To perform in the parade, all band members and their instruments must be lit by light products.
  • The first four Bands registered will receive a $200 honorarium. Honorariums are mailed to the band director two weeks following parade, provided Band Leaders turn in the proper paperwork.
  • The minimum number of lights on a band member is 96, or eight battery packs of 12 light. Glow products, neon or LED may substitute for the electric lights on either/or both the band member and their instrument (15 pieces of 22" or longer glow products or combination of glow products to satisfy this detail). Bands not meeting lighting requirements may not be allowed to participate in the parade.
  • All bands are requested to play holiday music the entire 2 mile parade route.
  • Hand held accessories: headpieces, instruments, etc., must be outlined or accented with lights or glow products. It is advisable to limit the weight on each lit uniform/instrument to 30 pounds.
  • Each marching band will be limited to 150 participants in the parade. Bands must be able to proceed on the route utilizing approximately 30in width.
  • The maximum chaperone ratio for marching bands is 1:30 (adult/children). All chaperones are required to dress in unit uniform if available or dress in all black.
  • Uniforms that cover the head are required to have a breathing/ communication space.
  • For optimum lighting, it is suggested that lights be placed one to two inches apart (Light reflectors are suggested for better illumination).



Community entries are built by an Individual, Family or Neighborhood group. Motorcycle and car groups fall under this category as well. Community entries may not advertise sponsor, corporate or other included category names. Signage shall reflect only the name of the entering group or individual


Proof of non-profit status must be submitted with your application. A Non-Profit Organization entry will be supported and constructed by a service organization, a 501-C3 organization, or any non-profit organization. You may have the non-profit name on the float, but cannot have a commercial sponsor name on the float.



A Government entry will be supported and constructed by a government agency. This includes schools, federal, state, county and local agencies.



Any individual who enters solely on their own and is either in a lighted costume or motorized non vehicular entry.  Individual person entry must have the minimum 96 lights or equivalent.



Commercial entries may be sponsored by either large or small businesses. Entry fees are charged/figured by the number of employees within the entire company.


  • All walking groups (i.e., Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts/Twirling Groups/Drill Teams) Limited to the first ten entries.
  • In order to keep the parade moving smoothly, entries will not be permitted to stop or perform reverse marches, or stunts on the parade route. These activities cause gaps in the parade.
  • Only UL approved wiring, lights and batteries may be used. Each individual must have a minimum of eight sets of battery powered lights or 96 lights. A total of fifteen 22" glow products or equivalent shaped products may be substituted for minimum number of battery powered lights.
  • For optimum lighting, it is suggested that lights be placed one to two inches apart (Light reflectors are suggested for better illumination).
  • All batteries, battery packs and wires must be concealed within the costume or attached to the individual in an organized pattern.
  • All major construction points and lines should be outlined in lights to highlight the shape of the costume.
  • Hand-held accessories, headpieces, or instruments, etc. must be outlined or accented with lights.
  • The chaperone ratio for walking groups is 1:15 (adult/children). Chaperones are required to dress in unit uniform, costume or total black. (This will be strictly enforced.)
  • Performance groups will be limited to 100 participants in the parade.
  • ​Contact person filling out the application will be responsible for signing an agreement specifying that all participants are 8 years old and older. Children under 8 years old without proper proof will be pulled from the parade.


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