Maryvale Baseball Park

Milwaukee Brewers 

3600 N. 51st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85031
Stadium rental - (602) 534-6449
Box Office - (623) 245-5500

Built in 1998, Maryvale Baseball Park is the spring training home of the Milwaukee Brewers.  It also hosts minor league baseball training programs, youth and adult community baseball leagues, and neighborhood special events. During the majority of the year when not occupied by the Brewers, the facility is available for rental to serve the recreational needs of the community and other minor league activities.


Maryvale Ball Park picic area 


The state-of-the-art 10,000 seat stadium offers:

seven practice fields


media facilities

grass seating


Maryvale Stadium from picnic seating area 

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Maryvale Baseball Park Facts    
  • Addresses:
    Major League Facility/City of Phoenix
    3600 N. 51st Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85031
  • Minor League Facility
    3805 W. 53rd Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85031
  • Major Tenant:
    Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club National League
  • Facility:
  • 56 acres
  • Two story, 22,000 sq ft. clubhouse, includes player administrative & media functions
  • 18,000 sq. ft. of concessions
  • Outfield Dimensions:
    Left & Right Field Lines- 335'
    Center field- 400'
    Left & Right Alleys-395'
  • Stadium
    Total Seating- 10,000
  • 1 main field
  • 5 practice fields
  • 2 practice infields
  • Facility Awards:
  • Architectural Accessibility Award
    Mayor's Commission on Disab. Issues
  • Citation Award
    American Inst. of Architects-
    Arizona Chapter
  • Merit Award
    Western Mtn. Region of
    American Inst. of Architects
  • Parking Lot:
    2,000 parking spaces
  • Concession Provided by:
    Arizona Sportservice Inc

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