Camelback Trailhead and Trail Improvements

Finished Echo Canyon Upper Lot 

Caption: The newly completed upper lot at Echo Canyon. This area also features new restrooms with flush toilets, chilled drinking water fountain, ramada and seating areas, and integrated bike racks. 

The renovated summit trail and expanded trailhead parking area at Camelback Mountain's Echo Canyon Recreation Area are now reopened. Echo Canyon hours year-round are sunrise to sunset.

The improvement project:

  • Doubled the size of the parking area to 135 spaces from 68 currently.
  • Renovated, rebuilt and rerouted the first 1/4-mile of the summit trail to improve footing and eliminate erosion-prone areas and to improve hiker safety and increase long-term sustainability for the mountain.
  • Added permanent restrooms with flush toilets, a chilled drinking fountain, new shade ramada and integrated bike racks.
  • Improved pedestrian safety through the addition of walkways throughout the parking area for hikers approaching the area on foot, who in the old design had to use the roadway to approach trails.
  • Improved vehicle and pedestrian safety at the park entrance through the addition of a roundabout at the park entrance. The roundabout will control vehicle speeds at the park entrance, making it safer for hikers crossing over to the trailhead and for vehicles entering the lot.
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced traffic through the creation of separate entrances for the trailhead and the neighboring residential area.

Echo Lower Lot Completed 

Caption: The completed lower lot at Echo Canyon area. This section now boasts expanded, dedicated parking spaces and new pedestrian walkways.  

Looking for other great summit climbs in the Phoenix desert preserves? There are more than 180 miles of trails in Phoenix for hiking including many summit climbs that offer great workouts and sweeping views without the crowds of Camelback and Piestewa. North Mountain, a challenging mountain climb with significant elevation gain, ample parking, convenient access off of 7th Street, and a smooth wide trail with no hiker backups is one great alternative. Our Trails and Desert Preserves pages, offer detailed information on all of Phoenix's renowned hiking areas including South Mountain, Lookout Mountain and the Sonoran Preserve

As part of the trail and parking area redesign process, Arizona State University conducted a Usage Study of the Echo Canyon area, to better understand hiker usage of the area.