Park Rangers

Working as a Phoenix Park Ranger

Park Ranger biking Phoenix park rangers are a professional group dedicated to providing unparalleled service to the community we represent. Park rangers supervise, manage and perform work in the conservation and use of resources in desert mountain parks and preserves.

Just a Little History
Ask anyone about Phoenix and it is likely they will say something about the summer heat (its hot!). Or, they may tell you about our world-class resorts that make the city a year-round playground. They might mention something about our basketball team, the Phoenix Suns, or the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. It's possible that the Phoenix park rangers may not enter into the conversation, yet we are recognized nationally as one of the most progressive urban park ranger organizations in the country.

Park Ranger sand blastingThere are Many Aspects of the Job
Park rangers wear many hats and are responsible for a variety of job duties throughout each day. With over 35,000 acres to manage, there are plenty of new challenges to discover and you can count on no two days being the same. Here are some of the opportunities:

  • Supervise Volunteers
  • Trail Building
  • Natural Resource Management and Protection
  • Enforcement of Phoenix City Codes for Parks and Preserves
  • Environmental Education
  • Special Events
  • General Maintenance
  • Hiking Patrol
  • Mountain Bike Patrol

Benefits of Being a Phoenix Park Ranger
There are many benefits that come with being a Phoenix park ranger. We seek out the most qualified men and women to serve as park rangers and we offer a very competitive pay and benefits package to those individuals who successfully complete the hiring process.
We have a very lengthy list of benefits available to park rangers that includes, but is not limited to: paid leave under a variety of circumstances, tuition reimbursement, longevity pay, career enhancement program and comprehensive medical and dental plans.

The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department hires only the most qualified applicants, thus the testing and selection process is very competitive. Those who are successful will be rewarded with a lifetime of opportunities and memories. Currently we are not hiring, but you may sign up to receive emails on current openings by visiting the City of Phoenix employment page.