Phoenix Summit Challenge (PSC) 2015

5 hikers.jpgSaturday, Nov. 14, 2015

Now in its 11th year, the Phoenix Summit Challenge is the premier event highlighting the vastness, beauty and physical challenge that Phoenix's mountain and desert preserves provide. This year, 1,000 hikers of all ages and abilities will be able to join the challenge and climb the summits of Phoenix. Participants can choose from Seven, Five, Four Summit or All Access events and challenge their mind, body and spirit in this non-competitive day of hiking.

Phoenix Magazine recently listed the Phoenix Summit Challenge as a must-do "bucket list" activity for city residents. All participants are invited to the URock Celebration at South Mountain Park that night. The celebration is held in the Activity Complex at the base of the Holbert Trail from 4 to 8 p.m. , and includes music, massages, dinner, awards and a slideshow. All participants also receive an event tee shirt and giveaways.

Sign up and have a friend, or a team of friends, join you for a great day on the trails and to support a great cause. Teams are asked to come up with a fun name and theme.

Please visit to view route maps and stay up to date on the event. You can submit your training photos there, too.

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2015 PSC Route Order

PHX7 (1)
1. Apache Wash Trailhead - Apache Vista
2. Apache Wash - Ridgeback Overlook
3. Deem Hills
4. Piestewa Peak
5. Shaw Butte
6. Lookout Mountain
7. Holbert Trail - South Mountain

PHX7 (2)
1. Piestewa Peak
2. Apache Wash Trailhead - Apache Vista
3. Apache Wash - Ridgeback Overlook
4. Deem Hills
5. Lookout Mountain
6. Shaw Butte
7. Holbert Trail - South Mountain

1. Piestewa Peak
2. Lookout Mountain
3. Apache Wash
4. Deem Hills
5. Holbert Trail - South Mountain

1. Lookout Mountain
2. Shaw Butte
3. Piestawa Peak
4. Holbert Trail - South Mountain

2015 PSC Route Descriptions (in order of PHX7)

Route #1 - Apache Wash, Apache Vista
Address: Apache Wash Trailhead, 1600 E. Sonoran Desert Dr.
1.2 miles one way
Elevation high point: 1,982 feet
Hike: Take Sidewinder north counterclockwise and up Apache Vista

Route #2 - Apache Wash, Ridgeback Overlook
Address: same as Route #1
3.77 miles total
Hike: From Apache Vista hike down and take Sidewinder north to Ridgeback and up to Ridgeback Overlook. Take Ridgeback trail down south side to Ocotillo trail and back to trailhead.

Route #3 - Deem Hills
Address: Deem Hills Park, 26777 N. Deem Hills Pky.
4.74 miles total
Elevation gain: 701 feet
Elevation high point: 2,035 feet
Hike: Take the Circumference trail counterclockwise to the top of Ridgeline. Go back down the same route.

Route #4 - Piestewa Peak Summit Trail
Address: Phoenix Mountains Park, 2701 E. Squaw Peak Dr.
1.2 miles one way (2.4 roundtrip)
Elevation gain: 1,162 feet
Hike: #300 Summit Trail up and back down same route.

Route #5 - Shaw Butte Summit Trail
Address: 12950 N. 7th St.
4.8 miles roundtrip
Elevation gain: 796 feet
Hike: Take trail 100 south to connector trail to 306, taking 306 north up north side of mountain to summit. Go back down the same route.

Route #6 - Lookout Mountain
Address: Lookout Mountain Park, 14441 N. 18th St.
3.2 miles roundtrip
Hike: Go north from park and connect to trail #308, hiking counterclockwise. Take #150 trail up summit. Go back down same route.

Route #7 - Holbert Trail in South Mountain Park
Address: 10919 S. Central Ave. (Central Ave. becomes the park road. At main entrance, take first left and follow road and signs to Holbert Trailhead.
2.4 miles one way (4.8 miles roundtrip)
Elevation gain: 999 feet
Elevation High Point: 2,330 feet
Hike: Go up Holbert trail to Dobbins Lookout (junction for Dobbins 1/3 mile below the lookout). Go back down the same route.


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