Camp Colley

Camp Colley is a 30-acre outdoor adventure camp nestled in pine forest on the Mogollon Rim about 50 miles north of Payson.  At an elevation of 6,700 feet, the camp provides a welcome summer escape from searing Valley temperatures. Through the years, Camp Colley has provided wonderful outdoor experiences for thousands of children by teaching respect for the environment and highlighting the miracles of nature.

Camp Season 2017 Canceled

Unfortunately, the 2017 summer session of Camp Colley has been canceled.  After several years, the Arizona Parks and Recreation Fellowship (APRF), the operating partner of Camp Colley, has encountered financial and staffing challenges, making them unable to serve as the onsite camp directing team.

While the City of Phoenix and the Camp Colley Foundation will pursue a new operating contract/operator for the 2018 season, the timing of the recent challenges has made it impossible to seek and authorize a qualified camp operator for the 2017 summer season. We look forward to reopening camp in 2018!

Should you have further questions, please contact:

Josh Parnell, Park Manager

Alonso Avitia, Deputy Director
(602) 495-5486