Camp Colley

Camp Colley is a 30-acre outdoor adventure camp nestled in a pine forest on the Mogollon Rim about 50 miles north of Payson.  At an elevation of 6,700 feet, the camp provides a welcome summer escape from searing Valley temperatures. With additional construction over the next few years, the camp will be able to serve more than 1,200 campers each summer. The Camp Colley Foundation was established to provide additional funding to enhance and support the camp's facilities and programs.

How do I go to camp?
Camping trips are organized by the Arizona Parks and Recreation Fellowship.

General registration programs include:
Youth and teens
Family trips
Programs for people with disabilities
Volunteer work trips
Many More!

Activities include: Archery, Archeology, Astronomy, Bird Watching, Campfires, Canoeing, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Horseshoes, Kayaking, Nature Crafts, Nature Identification, Outdoor Cooking, Orienteering, Photography, Stargazing, Forest Ecology and Team Building.

mrcolley1.jpgCamp Colley is named after James Colley, the former Phoenix Parks director who died in 2003. Throughout his career he dreamed of a place where kids could experience nature, perhaps for the first time. It would be a place where their social and economic backgrounds didn't matter, a place where kids could just be kids. Camp Colley is the realization of his career-long dream.

 The 30-acre site surrounded by national forest has unique operational needs. Totally off the grid, utilities are provided by the use of solar energy, propane, well water and a constructed wetlands system for waste water disposal.