Leave No Trace

Seven Frontcountry Principals

Know Before You Go
Be prepared! Remember food, water, and clothes to protect you from the cold, heat and sun. Use maps when possible to plan where you are going. Check them along the way so you'll stay on course and won't get lost.
Remember to bring a leash for your pet and plastic bags to pick up your pet's waste.
Park on paved surfaces only.
Learn about the area you plan to visit.
Carry a cell phone for emergencies.
Let someone know where you will be going.

Stick to Trails
Walk and ride on designated trails to protect trailside plants.
Do not step on vegetation. The desert ecosystem is very fragile and once damaged, may not grow back.
Respect private property by staying on designated trails.

Trash Your Trash and Pick Up Pet Waste
Pack it in, Pack it out. Put litter - even crumbs, peels and cores - in garbage bags and carry it home.
Use recycling bins at trailheads.
Use bathrooms when available.
Use a plastic bag to cart out your pet's waste to a garbage can.
Keep water clean. Do not put soap, food, human or pet waste in or near water.

Leave It As You Find It
Leave plants, rocks, petroglyphs, and historical items as you find them so others can enjoy them.
Treat living and dead plants with respect. Carving, hacking, or peeling plants may kill them.

Be Careful With Fire
Smoke only in enclosed vehicles.
Fires limited to designated areas.

Keep Wildlife Wild
Observe wildlife from a distance and never approach, feed or follow them.
Human food is unhealthy for all wildlife and feeding them starts bad habits.

Share Our Trails and Manage Your Pet
Be considerate when passing others on the trail.
Keep your pet on a maximum six-foot leash to protect it, other visitors and wildlife.
Be sure the fun you have outdoors does not bother anyone else. Remember, other visitors are there to enjoy the outdoors too.

This information was developed from the seven Leave No Trace principles.
For more information on Leave No Trace, please visit: www.lnt.org or call 1-800-332-4100