Short-term Vacation Rental


Introduction: In 2019 the Arizona Legislature authorized municipalities to create provisions for short-term vacation rentals (Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S. §9-500.39). The City of Phoenix adopted the Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance (G-6653) in January 2020, to implement the law passed by the state Legislature.

The Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance (ORDINANCE G-6653) requires owners of short-term or vacation rentals to register with the city; and provide emergency and complaint contact information. The ordinance outlines vacation rental violations and reaffirms prohibited types of uses and introduces an enhanced penalty structure. This ordinance also adds a few new City Code Definitions.


Short Term Vacation Rental Registration Process

  • ​An owner of a short-term vacation rental, including owner-occupied rentals, or the online lodging operator must register the vacation rental unit in the City of Phoenix Short-term vacation rental registry, via the link to the online registration portal (PHX at Your Service)  below.

  • Please follow the instructions in the user guide.  Please fill out one online form for each individual vacation rental unit, and do not list multiple units on one field.

  • After you have registered, you will automatically receive a “Registration Certificate," including a registration number. You must display the “Registration Certificate” inside the vacation rental within 10 feet of the primary entrance.

  • If there is a change of information, please go into the online portal and make the changes within 10 days of the change of information. 

​Other Requirements:

  • ​As the property owner or online lodging operator, you need to add the following statement to your vacation rental advertisement on the online lodging marketplace you have chosen (the platform you advertise on, which could be Airbnb, VRBO, etc.): “This property cannot be used for purposes identified in the City of Phoenix Ordinance Section 10-195(c). The City of Phoenix short-term registration number for this property is ________”. (You add the registration number, which can be found on your “Registration Certificate).

  • As, the online lodging operator, you must post a notice in a conspicuous place with a list of the prohibited uses, as listed in 10-195 (c), in the vacation rental (or use this STANDARD NOTICE).

  • If you are an Online Lodging Operator (OLO), but not the property owner, then City of Phoenix Ordinance Section 10-196 (e) may be applicable to you. Please read the ORDINANCE G-6653 for details

​ In Case of an Emergency:

When requested by a police officer, the owner or owner’s agent whose name appears on the vacation rental registration must be on the vacation rental premise, or be available over the phone or text, within 60 minutes after receiving the request. Failure to be on the premise, or be available over the phone or text, within 60 minutes is a violation.

For information or questions, we refer to ORDINANCE G-6653, or contact:


  • On March 4th, 2020, Phoenix City Council adopted Ordinance 6674 ​(Loud Party Ordinance), to address loud party noise issues in general and with short-term vacation rentals, in particular.​
  • For all Vacation Rentals and Short term rentals, Transaction Privilege Sales Tax license with the State of Arizona Department of Revenue is required. Please visit to register and for more information.

  • All rental units, including vacation and short term rentals, shall be registered with Maricopa County, in accordance with ARS 33-1902.