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The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) works to protect and enhance historic neighborhoods, buildings, and sites in Phoenix. HPO works closely with the Historic Preservation Commission to identify and designate eligible properties and districts for listing on the Phoenix Historic Property Register. Protection is provided to designated properties through city review and approval of exterior alterations to buildings and demolition requests. HPO also administers the Historic Preservation Bond fund that supports a number of financial assistance programs for historic properties.

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Historic Preservation Plan Adopted

The Phoenix City Council adopted PreserveHistoricPHX, the first comprehensive historic preservation plan for the city of Phoenix.  on Jan. 21, 2015, Resolution No. 21289. The plan is available here for review.

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Three Phoenix Properties are being considered for the National Register of Historic Places (NEW PODCAST BELOW.)

Planning and Development Historic Preservation Staff began presenting information to the Historic Preservation Commission on February 12, 2018.

The properties are below.

Abraham House at 6611 N. Central

Warehouses at 9th Street & Madison  

Luke-Greenway American Legion Post Number 1 at 364 N. 7th Avenue.


Listen here for Planning and Development's first podcast as Historic Preservation Officer Michelle Dodds talks about the properties and the process of getting on the National Register. 

Construction Strategies for Historic Buildings

Check out this article from Historic Preservation Officer Michelle Dodds in the most recent edition of Arizona Contractor and Community. She discusses the various options for residential and commercial construction. Find out what can work for you.