PlanPHX General Plan Update - 2015

PlanPHX General Plan Update: What's Next? 

With the General Plan Update adopted by the Phoenix City Council and approved by Phoenix voters, the Planning and Development Department has begun implementation of the next steps as outlined in the updated General Plan. A summary of the key deliverables that will be created during the next phase of the General Plan Update is provided below:

  • Village Character Plans: Collaboration with village planning committees to develop a concise planning document that will summarize the village's character and address the village's assets and challenges. The character plan process will also afford the village planning committees the opportunity to collaborate with planners on the development of goals and strategies that support the General Plan.
  • Growth Strategy Mapping Exercises: Identification of three areas within each village – Areas of Preservation, Areas of Retrofit and Areas of Growth.
  •  Village Center Exercises: Assignment of Place Type (Centers) to the areas designated Areas of Growth. The Centers will provide a framework for the scale and intensity of growth at a particular location. There will be a total of seven Centers to choose from. The Centers will be organized into a tier system structured around available and planned infrastructure (i.e. transit, jobs, parks, streets).  Click here​​​ to watch a short video on the workshop. 

So how do we plan to get all of this done?

For the General Plan Update Next Steps exercises the city's 15 villages have been grouped into the following regions:

You can visit the home pages (see links above) for each of the villages to review where they are at in the process and information related to their planning exercises.

Southwest Village Summit

The Southwest Village Summit was held Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the South Mountain Community Library (7050 South 24th Street).  During the Summit there were opportunities to learn about city planning topics, preview draft village character plans for the five southern villages (Maryvale, Estrella, Laveen, South Mountain, and Ahwatukee Foothills) and preview the preliminary results of the centers mapping exercises that were conducted over the past few months. 

For an overview of the General Plan Next Steps, you can watch the Planning and Development Department's presentation to the Phoenix City Council Neighborhood Housing and Development Subcommittee (you can skip forward to the 1:24 mark in the video).

Call 602-262-6823 or email with questions about the summit.

Northern Village Summit

The Northern Village Summit was held on Saturday, October 22 at the Paradise Valley Community Center. 

For questions or to learn more about the summit, please call 602-262-6823 or e-mail​.

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