Walkable Urban (WU) Code

​​​​​​​​​​As part of the Reinvent PHX project, a new urban and transit-oriented zoning code, the Walkable Urban (WU) Code, was adopted by City Council on July 1, 2015 (Ordinance G-6047). The Walkable Urban (WU) Code will be Chapter 13 of the City of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance.   The code will regulate development in proximity to light rail stations and will replace existing zoning for properties within the Interim Transit Oriented Zoning Overlay Districts (TOD-1 and 2, Sections 662 & 663​ of the Zoning Ordinance).

The WU Code approval by the City Council only created the regulations in the Zoning Ordinance. Properties within the five Reinvent PHX Transit Oriented Districts (Gateway, Eastlake-Garfield, Midtown, Uptown, and Solano) will still need to go through a rezoning process to establish the WU Code on specific property. The city of Phoenix Planning and Development Department will initiate the rezoning process for properties within the five Transit Oriented Districts.  Any zoning changes will be a result of a mapping process that includes an extensive Public Hearing process and a review of property entitlements.

A public outreach process will be held for each of the Reinvent PHX districts, starting with the Eastlake-Garfield District. Outreach efforts by staff will include workshops with the district's property owners, community and association meetings, and other presentations to a variety of stakeholders. Throughout this process, property owners and the community are invited to participate and to meet with staff, separately or in groups. 

Walkable Urban (WU) Code is organized into​ five Transit Oriented District (TOD).  To learn more view :
​​​​Transit-Oriented District Information

​​​Follow this link for more information on the Transit Oriented District Policy Plans ​for all five districts.

For additional information regarding the WU Code and the mapping process, please contact staff at the Planning and Development Department:

Craig Mavis, Planner III
Katherine Coles, Planner II, Central City Village Planner​
Vania Fletcher, Planner

As part of the code's adoption, Councilwoman Pastor added a friendly amendment giving staff direction to provide the following information for the NHD Subcommittee's annual review of the WU Code projects.

  1. Number of times staff used design flexibility and the percent utilized
  2. Rationale as to why reduction in requirement was approved by staff
  3. How the reduction was documented on the site plan and in the tracking system
  4. Number of variances applications for projects
  5. Types of variances applied for
  6. Percent of approved variances
  7. Number of appeals to the Design Review Committee
  8. Percent of Design Review Committee appeals that were approved
  9. Percent of flexibility approved by the Design Review Committee
  10. Rationale as to why the Design Review Committee approved flexibility
  11. Provide an update on outreach to all property owners and residents
For additional information regarding the Transit Oriented District Policy Plans see ReinventPHX