Gated Alley Program Pilot

                                                       Gated Alley Program Pilot​

Program History

Alleys in Phoenix currently serve as access points for utility companies and solid waste services. Approximately 22 percent of Phoenix households, or about 80,000 residents, receiving City refuse collection have alley service. Recently, there is increased interest from neighborhoods for the City to gate alleys for safety and security reasons as well as illegal dumping concerns.

On June 27, 2017, the City Council approved a one year pilot program with the goal to help deter criminal activity and illegal dumping in residential neighborhoods. The pilot program will be reevaluated after one year.

Council Approved Legislative File


Eligible Program Areas

The pilot program is only available to two specific areas within the City of Phoenix, while it is a pilot program. Expansion of the pilot program is subject to council approval and budget availability.

  •        Royal Palm

The pilot is available to residents in the Royal Palm neighborhood who reside along the six alleys reflected by the black highlighted lines in Map A below. The Royal Palm neighborhood is defined as the area south of Dunlap Avenue, east of 15th Avenue, west of 9th Avenue as reflected in the map below.



Gated Alley Program Royal Palm Community map

  •      Sunnyslope

The pilot will soon be available to residents in the Sunnyslope Pilot target area. Specific alleys have not been determined and once finalized this information will be posted and available online.


GAP Sunnyslope Community mapProgram Overview

The Gated Alley Program Pilot provides a new approach to deterring unwanted activities in alleys. The program provides homeowners whose properties abut an alleyway in the eligible target areas, the opportunity to submit an application to the City requesting relocation of solid waste services at no charge to residents and permission to install locked gates at the ends of the alley at the owners' cost.

The application process requires a petition with consent from a majority of the homeowners along the alley, issuance of a revocable permit, and a fence permit to allow for view-fencing gates to be erected in the alley by a licensed contractor. Access to the gated alley will be limited to key holders, including adjacent property owners, the City, and public utilities.

Interested residents should select a key/lead representative to submit the program application to the Planning and Development Department (PDD) and serve as the primary contact throughout the entire process.

Gated Alley Program Pilot (GAP) FAQs

For questions regarding the Gated Alley Program Pilot  and to determine if your alley is eligible you may contact Craig Messer at or by phone at 602-534-7365. If you are interested in bringing the program to your neighborhood and are not currently in an eligible area, please contact Leah Swanton at or by phone at 602-534-8259.

 Picture of alley