Project Overview

The 19North Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District Policy Plan is a community-driven plan intended to provide guidance for redevelopment along the northernmost segment of the existing light rail line in the area between Montebello Avenue (south), Dunlap Avenue (north), 23rd Avenue (west), and 15th Avenue (east); see the project boundary map here. The plan was developed over a 3-year period which included community and stakeholder engagement to gather information related to community vision and needs for the high capacity transit corridor. Building upon previous work to create walkable communities with opportunities for all in Downtown as well as the five ReinventPHX districts, 19North will be the sixth TOD District Policy Plan developed by the City of Phoenix.

During the numerous workshops, the community identified assets, goals, redevelopment opportunity areas, preferred investments, and actions that can later be taken by community and municipal leaders and other stakeholders to help achieve the community’s vision. During each workshop the community expressed their desires for a walkable corridor that emphasized safety, shade, a well-connected multimodal network, local businesses, diversity of housing types, community-serving public gathering areas, and creating a sense of place.

Staff evaluated the community feedback, desired outcomes and current conditions. From this, urban principles and strategies, vetted by the community, were identified and categorized as a means to achieve the overall vision. The community also assessed quantifiable conditions along the corridor and established desired conditions that can be evaluated in the future to track changes anticipated by the community. This plan also serves as a policy document to guide future development decisions and will be used when considering zoning changes to implement the identified community vision. 

The 19North Policy Plan is embedded within and expands from a robust framework of existing policies including: PlanPHX; ReinventPHX; the Transit Oriented Development Strategic Policy Framework; the Tree and Shade Master Plan; the Complete Streets Policy; the Comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan; and many others.  


Community Vision: Statement and Themes

Vision Statement

In 2040, 19North is a vibrant and culturally diverse district that is truly unique by design. Through creative and transit-oriented redevelopment, grassroots community building, and participatory placemaking, 19North has become a model for district revitalization throughout the region.

Preserved single-family homes, renewed and revitalized multifamily housing, and new pedestrian-friendly development near light rail stations provide quality housing and transportation for people of all ages and incomes. Mixed-use buildings have attracted new residents, high-quality affordable housing, jobs and job training opportunities, additional neighborhood services, entertainment, and retail offerings. Together, investment in the people, places, and institutions has allowed 19North to flourish as a neighborhood and destination.

Vision Themes

Safe, Affordable, and Vibrant

People from all backgrounds live and thrive in 19North. Mixed-use developments, revitalized institutions, and public amenities unite the corridor into a series of distinct neighborhoods where its residents can live, work, and play. With higher density near light rail, the neighborhood character transitions gracefully to lower densities.

Newly walkable streets and shaded sidewalks draw residents into casual conversation and a sense of community with their neighbors. A focus on safety, comfort, and visual interest underpins the built environment and ensure all residents are within a comfortable walk or bike ride to light rail which puts employment, recreation, and social gatherings in reach for all.

Walkable and Bikeable

People of all ages and abilities feel safe and comfortable walking or riding a bike for transportation or recreation. New and improved pathways provide safe, comfortable, and convenient access points to the 19th Avenue corridor. New projects including retrofits have placed the comfort of walkers and bicyclists at the forefront and are now welcoming to people of all ages, including families.

Infrastructure seamlessly guides bicyclists to destinations and safe regional bicycle routes. Since many residents work in the district or along the regional light rail system, safe and comfortable bike and walking routes have led to significant increases in local employment and light rail ridership and a decrease in automobile dependence.

Employment, Education, & Training

Investment in education and job training has built a creative, highly skilled, and diverse workforce. Education and employment readiness begins early in a child’s life and the unified “cradle to career” model offered by local schools, Arizona State University, and Maricopa Community Colleges. These programs continue to produce a workforce with exceptional skills, an eye toward innovation, and a spirit for entrepreneurship.

Outdoor Life & Commerce

A series of vibrant and connected districts, the plazas of the 19th Avenue corridor are alive with the sights and sounds of outdoor dining, live music, and gatherings both formal and informal. Crafted as a unified place under a cohesive brand and placemaking district, community leaders helped new mixed-use centers and long-standing businesses embrace the idea of orienting commerce toward the sidewalk and plazas. The shade, vibrant landscape palette, and seamless integration of art and activities have made 19North a destination.



  • January 2018 - Community Workshop 1 (Current Conditions and Visioning)

  • April 2018 – Community Workshop 2 (Mapping Areas of Change)

  • January through December 2019 – Staff Analysis of Current Conditions and Opportunities Aligned with Vision)

  • April 2019 – Community Workshop 3 (Prioritizing Investments Geographically)

  • April 2019 through December 2020 – Plan Development, Interdepartmental Review, and Steering Committee Refinement (Validating the Vision and Crafting the Plan)

  • December 2020

    • December 15, 2020:  Alhambra Village Planning Committee – Informational Presentation

    • December 16, 2020: North Mountain Village Planning Committee – Informational Presentation

  • January 7, 2021 - Planning Commission - Information Presentation

  • February 17, 2021 - North Mountain Village Planning Committee - Recommendation

  • February 23, 2021 - Alhambra Village Planning Committee - Recommendation

  • March 4, 2021 - Planning Commission - Recommendation

  • April 7, 2021 - City Council Adoption