Line of Duty Deaths 1920 -1929

Officer Haze Burch*On February 5, 1925, Officer Haze Burch became the first Phoenix Police Officer killed in the line of duty.  Officer Burch was shot by two men attempting to siphon gasoline from a car.  The two suspects were wanted in Texas for the murder of a sheriff's deputy and in Montana for the murder of an officer.  Both suspects were eventually captured.

One of the suspects was convicted in Arizona of murdering Officer Burch and hanged on January 8, 1926. The other was convicted in Texas of murdering of Deputy Morgan and sentenced to life in prison.

Officer Burch is survived by his wife and three young children. It would be 27 years before another officer was killed in the line of duty.


* Officer Haze was hired before the days of our current serial number system.