Line of Duty Deaths 1970 - 1979

fallen officer BluhmOn December 28, 1970, Officer Albert Bluhm #947 and was shot and killed after stopping a stolen truck behind the Bali Hi Motel at 16th Avenue and Linden Street.  The suspects shot Officer Bluhm as he dismounted his police motorcycle.  

Officer Bluhm was struck three times and died while trying to radio for help.  

A citizen used the officer's radio to give the dispatcher his location and other officers raced to his assistance.






fallen officer Stone

Officer Dale Stone #1697 was one of the responding officers. He was killed at 7th Avenue and Roosevelt Street when an impaired driver struck his police motorcycle, throwing him under another vehicle. 

Officer Bluhm was 40 years old and had been on the department for eight years. 

He was survived by his 17 year old son. 

Officer Stone was 25 years old and had been with the department for fourteen months. 

He was survived by his wife.





fallen officer Haywood On November 22, 1971, Officer Quincy "Clay" Haywood #1451 was killed when a truck pulled in front of his police motorcycle at 12th Street and McDowell Road.  Although responding officers immediately transported Officer Haywood to a local hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. 

He was 29 years old and had been on the department for four years.  

He is survived by his wife and two sons.





fallen officer HemschmeyerOn November 2, 1973, Officer Michael D. Hemschmeyer #1845 was killed as the result of a traffic collision at 3000 S. 19th Avenue.  Officer Hemschmeyer was responding to another officer's call for assistance.  A car that had pulled over for the officer's emergency lights was rear ended by a garbage truck.  The force of the collision sent the vehicle into the path of the approaching patrol car, killing Officer Hemschmeyer.

He was 32 years old and served with the department  for four years.







fallen officer ChavezOn June 16, 1975, Officer Gilbert Chavez #2684 was shot by a juvenile suspect during a burglary of a radiator business located at 2034 W. Jackson Street.  Officer Chavez entered the business and a struggle ensued with the suspect. Officer Chavez was critically wounded but managed to radio for assistance before dying.

Officer Chavez was 22 years old and had been an officer for one year. 

 He is survived by his wife.





fallen officer MacInnisOn February 22, 1976, Police Guard John F. MacInnis #A513 suffered a heart attack while in foot pursuit of a suspect at Sky Harbor International Airport.  A citizen stopped and rendered aid to Guard MacInnis. 

 He was transported to a nearby hospital where he died a short time later.

Police Guard MacInnis was 58 years old and had been a Police Guard for nine years. 

He is survived by his wife, thirteen children and five grandchildren.






fallen officer DelGaudioOn April 22, 1976, Officer Arthur E. Del Gaudio Jr. #2964 was killed in an automobile collision while in pursuit of an impaired and reckless driver.  Officer Del Gaudio's car collided with another police vehicle and careened into a house in the area of 10th Street and Rose Lane.  His death was instrumental in persuading the State Legislature to enact the Unlawful Flight Statute.

Officer Del Gaudio was 26 years old and had been an officer for nine months. 

 He is survived by a wife who was pregnant at the time.