Police Officer Lateral Transfers


  • Must be currently certified as a peace officer and have at least one year of experience working patrol. 
  • You must have been employed as a peace officer within the year.
  • Cannot have left for misconduct or pending investigation.


Step One:  Apply online.  Eligible candidates will be contacted by a background investigator.  Note:  We attempt to complete the process in two trips. We do not pay for travel or offer relocation/transition assistance. 

1st t​​rip:

  • Physical Agility Assessment
  • Background Packet Interview w/ Detective
  • Polygraph 

2nd tri​p:

  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Exam
  • Controlled Substance Screening
  • Physical Agility Update

An out of state lateral must make their first trip to Phoenix for the physical agility assessment, background packet interview, and polygraph. During the second trip to Phoenix, the applicant will sign conditional hire paperwork and complete the medical exam, psychological exam, and controlled substance screening.


Step ​​One:  

  • ​Apply online.  Eligible candidates will be contacted by a background investigator to complete the physical agility assessment, and remainder of hiring process.

How can I find out if I'​​m ​​​eligible?

If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the City of Phoenix Police Personnel Section at (602) 262-6925. 

Do I have to go through the 20-week A​​cademy?

No.  Your certifications will be compared to the Arizona requirements and you will be paid to complete the remaining certifications and maintain/improve your levels of physical fitness.  When the certifications are met, you will attend a two-week post-academy, and then go through field training as a Phoenix Police Officer 

Does Phoenix offer hiring bon​uses?

Instead of a one-time hiring bonus we offer the potential to earn Career Enhancement Program  (CEP) benefits of up to $7,612.80 every year of your career until retirement.  As a lateral, you are eligible to earn CEP pay after you complete Field Training as a Phoenix Police Officer. See the benefits page​.​