Citizen Advisory Boards

Phoenix Police Department Citizen Advisory Boards

The Community Relations Bureau's Community Response Squad (CRS) has been entrusted with facilitating the Phoenix Police Department's Citizen Advisory Boards.  Currently, the City of Phoenix Police Department supports and assists the Citizen Advisory Boards which represent the following communities:  African American, Arab, Asian, Cross-Disability, Faith Based, Hispanic, Jewish, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans-Gender (LGBT), Muslim, Native American, Refugee, and Sikh communities.

The core values of the Citizen Advisory Boards are to:

  • Generate unity within our community and the Phoenix Police Department.
  • Create a climate of trust between the community and the Phoenix Police Department.
  • Provide a forum where the Phoenix Police Department can listen actively to communicate concerns and create solutions to social problems.
  • Improve the quality of life to all members of our community.

The Citizen Advisory Boards are comprised of Community Leaders.  The CRS assists with the establishment and maintenance of the Boards and also provides advice and input to the Citizen Advisory Boards meeting frequency and meeting agendas.

Each Citizen Advisory Board has a detective assigned as a Community Liaison.  It is the responsibility of Advisory Board Members to act as a conduit of information for their constituents.

Advisory Board Members are responsible to work with their designated Community Response Squad Detective and Precinct Community Action Officer to communicate global and community concerns.  Advisory Board Members are also asked to attend training facilitated by the Phoenix Police Department to provide them with an understanding of Phoenix Policing with a Purpose.

Phoenix Police Department Contact Information

Lieutenant Dennis Orender


Sergeant Jeffrey Coyle                                              Sergeant Herminia Hernandez

602-377-2550                                                              602-320-8269                              

African American Advisory Board

Detective Larry Dotson                                               Detective Jason Stokes

602-206-9336                                                              602-377-7464                                

Arab Advisory Board

Detective Mustafa Masad                                          Detective Lisa Brockman

602-339-1921                                                              602-819-3911                         

Asian Advisory Board

Detective Philip Marriner                                            Detective Philip Canchola

602-377-8831                                                              602-377-8774                              

Cross-Disability Advisory Board

Detective Chris Abril                                                   Detective Rick Flum

602-828-0871                                                              602-819-2652                         

Faith Based Advisory Board

Detective Manny Valenzuela                                      Detective William Buividas

602-377-6804                                                              602-377-3053                    

Hispanic Advisory Board

Detective Marianne Ramirez                                      Detective Lisa Brockman

602-377-9132                                                              602-819-3911                      


Detective Frank Peralta                                              Detective Philip Canchola

602-510-3716                                                              602-377-8774                              

Jewish Advisory Board

Detective Mike Hillman                                              Detective William Buividas

602-377-9420                                                              602-377-3053                         

LGBTQ Advisory Board

Detective Julie Smith                                                  Detective Marianne Ramirez

602-708-7252                                                              602-377-9132                                   

Muslim Advisory Board

Detective Mustafa Masad                                          Detective Marianne Ramirez

602-339-1921                                                              602-377-9132                         

Native American Advisory Board

Detective Tony Davis                                                 Detective Jared Charley

602-819-1716                                                              602-377-8745                                  

Refugee Advisory Board

Detective Chris Abril                                                   Detective Mustafa Masad

602-828-0871                                                              602-339-1921                         

Sikh Advisory Board

Detective Julie Smith                                                  Detective Chris Abril

602-708-7252                                                                602-828-0871