Public Records Information

Crime Stats in PDF (UCR)

There are certain limited statistics that are available via PDF which you can find here​. If you do not find them you must use the process below to obtain the crime stats you need.

Public Records Location and Hours

The Public Records Detail is located at 1717 East Grant St. Suite#100 Phoenix, AZ  85034

Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for city holidays.

Fingerprint Services

There is a fee of $6 per fingerprint card. Many agencies require that you be printed on a card that has been provided to you. In the case you did not receive a card, the Public Records Detail will print you on a blank fingerprint card. In the case that the fingerprint card is rejected for a reason other than the quality of prints, the Public Records Detail is unable to refund the fee. A valid government issued ID is required to be fingerprinted.

Letter of Clearance / Review of Criminal History

This letter will provide a local search of Phoenix Police Department arrest/criminal records - only. A search of the records of any other jurisdiction (local, state or federal) is not conducted or implied. You may only obtain a Letter of Clearance on yourself. Under Arizona's Public Records Law (A.R.S. � 39-121), Public Records Detail employees cannot provide you with information on another persons arrest record.

To obtain a Letter of Clearance you must provide:

  • A valid government issued photo identification card. (ex: Driver's License)
  • Fingerprints
  • Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

To obtain a letter by mail:

  1. A valid government issued photo identification card (ex: Driver's license)
    Identification cards issued by another country of origin outside of  the United States must be presented in original format. Copies will not be accepted.
  2. A set of fingerprints (Fingerprints must be obtained at your local police agency)
  3. Include a self addressed stamped envelope
  4. Fee (checks made payable to the City of Phoenix)
     $8.50 (No arrest record)
     $28.00 (With an arrest record)​

Phoenix Police Department
Code Enforcement unit - Public Records
1717 East Grant St. Suite#100
Phoenix, AZ  85034-3401

Copies of Departmental Reports or Other Reports Released Under the Public Records Law

You can request copies of Departmental Reports or other reports released under the public records law by visiting the Public Records Detail's office in person or mailing a request to the Public Records Detail. Your request must provide specific information about the incident as well as the reason for the request. 

Request Form (English and Spanish)

Fee Schedule associated with public records request

To request a copy of an Accident Report you may follow the same steps above or obtain a copy by visiting the On-line Accident Reports.

If you have any other questions you can contact the Public Records Unit by calling 602-534-1127, or e-mail

Public and Traffic Records Process Changes

History/Background: The City of Phoenix Police Department's Public-Traffic Records Detail receives more than 77,000 records requests each year. The backlog of requests awaiting fulfillment grew to its highest level of 22 months at the end of 2016. The City Manager, Ed Zuercher recognized a tremendous opportunity for improvement to the current state of the Phoenix Police records request methods. In October 2016 the Public-Traffic Records Team, along with the AdvancePhx Team worked together to identify solutions to modernize the Phoenix Police public records request and fulfillment process.

Current state: In order to address the current backlog, City of Phoenix leadership allocated temporary resources to focus solely on the backlog. To date the backlog is at December 2017, which is a reduction of 13 months. Phoenix Police Calls for Service are now available on the existing website.

Technology: A new web-based technology component will be introduced in 2018 that will allow for all Police Public Records requests to be submitted on-line. Requestors will be able to track the status of their requests, receive an electronic notification when the request is ready for fulfillment, pay for and access their requested records. In other words, requestors will have the option to submit public records requests from anywhere they have access to a computer. The on-line payment option and ability to access records through customer's account will help expedite the process for public records fulfillments.

We continue to work hard to bring this new feature to our community and will provide updates as we continue to progress through this transformation.