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The Citizen's Offering Police Support (COPS) Program is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping the Phoenix Police Department and the community. Today, we have almost 200 volunteers working in a variety of units within our department. We also have university and college interns working on their career paths within the program. Each year volunteers contribute more than 25, 000 hours of service to our police department.

For any police department to be successful they must have the support of the community. One way this was accomplished was through traditional community relations programs where officers mixed with citizens in positive events. The COPS Program does the same in reverse; it brings the community into the police family. Volunteers working shoulder to shoulder with police officers and our support staff can see the difficulty and value of the police mission.

To become a COPS volunteer you must go thorough a process similar to getting hired for a job. The first step is to complete and submit the attached COPS application. The process includes an interview, background check, polygraph exam and a drug test. Although the process may seem time consuming and detailed, it is thorough because our volunteers are privy to sensitive information.

We appreciate your interest in our program and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


Officer Larry Horton, COPS Coordinator

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Within the COPS Volunteer program there are many areas to volunteer. Below are two areas that are some of our volunteers are assigned:

Accessibility Compliance Enforcement Program (ACE)

Motorist Assist Program (MAP)

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