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I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for getting us some GREAT volunteers in the Missing Persons Unit. Within the last year, we have gone through some changes; these changes have caused our detectives to focus on some labor intensive cold cases. This means that some of our administrative and clerical functions have suffered - that is, until our volunteers came to the rescue! We have 3-4 volunteers that assist us on a regular basis by calling on old reports, assisting families with information about runaways and doing sorting and filing which our detectives would normally have to do. Because of this assistance from the volunteers, our detectives have been able to prioritize their case load and focus their time and energy on resolving cases; which is exactly what they should be doing! Thank you very much!

Sergeant Bryan Chapman
Missing Persons Units
Phoenix Police Department


When I originally began my Volunteer work with C.O.P.S., my plan was to serve in some way to permit one of the "Brothers and Sisters in Blue" to return to the duties that fulfilled the "Protect and Serve" concept. As I began my service performing some of the Volunteer Database maintenance and input, I discovered the vast opportunities to serve elsewhere in the Department. As a result, I have performed as a data input specialist for the Volunteer Database. I have also been associated with the Explorer Post 2906 in the building of their basic database. Volunteering here has also permitted me to see the extended personal development of some of our young people. Lately, I have been selected to serve in the Homicide Section, Violent Crimes Bureau. There I have been reviewing Cold Case files in an attempt to finalize each open case to closure. It is also here that I will make the transition from performing in the maintenance and input of the Volunteer Database to focus in the Cold Case Research Activities.

In each position, I have broadened my Police Department knowledge and expanded my own skill base. As I write this missal, I can attest to the great feeling of achievement each and every time I enter 620 West Washington.

I will never be a uniformed Policeman but as a C.O.P.S. Volunteer, I certainly appreciate the extensive skills, undivided dedication and spectacular accomplishments of each and every person serving in the Phoenix Police Department.

Jerry Hatcher, V0788
C.O.P.S. Volunteer


Where do COPS volunteers serve?


  • Motorist Assist Program (MAP)
  • Accessibility Compliance Enforcement (ACE)


  • Counter Terrorism
  • Cold-Case
  • Homicide
  • Missing Persons
  • Sex Crimes Property Crimes
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol
  • Document Crimes
  • Gang Unit
  • Ballistics
  • Child Crimes
  • Crisis Outreach Volunteers (COV)
  • TEAM 601 : Missing Person Search


  • Silent Witness
  • Code Enforcement
  • Information Technologies
  • Front Desk Aide
  • COPS Administrative Assistant
  • Precinct Desk Aide
  • Firearms Detail
  • Air Unit
  • Crime Analysis And Research (CARU)
  • Central Booking
  • Property Management Bureau
  • Phoenix Police Explorers


  • Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU)
  • Crime lab