Holiday Shopping Safety Tips from the Phoenix Police Department

The biggest shopping day of the year (Black Friday) is right around the corner, and there will be lots of shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It�s a great time of year and we want to keep everyone safe, so here are some safety tips for a safe shopping season.

  • If at all possible, never shop alone. There is safety in numbers.
  • If shopping at night, always park in well lit areas and park as close to the business as possible.
  • When leaving the business and approaching the parking lot, have your car keys ready, keep your hands clear and put your purchases away as soon as possible. Do not linger in the parking lot, drive away immediately.

Citizens should report suspicious person(s) and activity to store personnel or the police immediately; especially if you are approached by anyone. Criminals will often use a ruse of some type to get a potential victim to stop in the parking lot, making him or her more vulnerable to attack.  

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PURCHASES IN YOUR VEHICLE. Criminals are on the look-out for easy theft opportunities.

And please, please leave those cell phones in your pockets or purses. A parking lot is not the place to be talking or texting or playing games with your cell phone! Inattention may cause you to be struck by a vehicle or you may even be robbed!