Transportation 2050 Citywide Transportation Plan

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Transportation 2050 is a citywide street and transit improvement plan that was developed by the Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation, and approved by the Phoenix City Council for the city's Aug. 25, 2015 election ballot.  If approved by voters, the plan would provide funding to repave 680 miles of Phoenix's major streets, triple the light rail miles in Phoenix, adding 42 miles of corridors across the city, and pay for longer hours of operation for the local bus system, among other items.  

Transportation 2050 would be funded by an increase in the city's current 4/10ths of a cent sales tax supporting transit service to 7/10ths of a cent.  

Additional information on plan elements is available at talktransportation org, or in the English- and Spanish-language fact sheets below, in PDF format:
Transportation 2050 Fact Sheet - English
Transportation Plan Fact Sheet - Español

Read your sample ballot and proposition information on the City Clerk's website​

To request a presentation Transportation 2050 to your community group, please contact the Public Transit Department at 602-262-7242 and ask for the Public Information Office. Presentations are for educational purposes only.

Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On April 8, 2014 the Mayor and Council authorized establishment of a citizens committee to examine the City’s street transportation and transit needs and priorities.  The committee consisted of thirty-four members from across Phoenix, and included transportation experts and community advocates.  The committee developed a recommendation on a citywide transportation plan that was referred to the Phoenix City Council in February 2015.  The council acted on that recommendation on April 22, referring the transportation plan to voters on the Aug. 25, 2015 citywide election ballot.

More information on the Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation is available below.