Transit Fare Media

Valley Metro Transit Passes

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Transit passes can be purchased from a variety of outlets and are good for bus and light rail travel throughout the City of Phoenix and the entire Valley. You can find information on transit passes and the cost to ride by visiting Valley

Where to Buy Transit Passes

Passengers who need to purchase transit passes can do so at one of four transit centers in Phoenix which has a sales office. Buying a pass on-board a bus will be a higher cost than purchasing one at a transit center, a light rail platform, or at a retail business location.

Platinum Pass Program for Employers

Employers can choose to join the Platinum Pass program for their workers who commute using public transit. A Platinum Pass is typically good for three years and the pass has an embedded smart chip which is tapped on the farebox as payment for your ride. Learn how to join the program by clicking here.

Phoenix Dial-a-Ride

Passengers who qualify to use Dial-a-Ride can purchase three different kinds of fare media: a monthly pass, regional Dial-a-Ride tickets and Phoenix Dial-a-Ride tickets. Learn more about Dial-a-Ride by clicking here.