​​​​​​​​​​Certified Palm Frond Program

What is the Certified Palm program?

The Certified Palm program is designed to offer savings to businesses who frequent the 27th Avenue transfer station to drop-off their palm fronds. The program, in partnership with Palm Silage, Inc., diverts palm fronds from the landfill by turning them into livestock feed. The program provides discounted tipping rates (see right) at the 27th Avenue transfer station for businesses who are certified. 

 Transfer Station Hours and Location

The 27th Avenue Transfer Station is located at 3060 S. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ and is the only location currently accepting palm fronds for the program. 

Applying for the Program

  1. Fill out and submit the application.
  2. A representative will contact you to schedule your Certified Palm training class.
  3. Attend a Certified Palm training class in person, which consists of watching an informational video, class discussion about the program and Q&A.
  4. Start saving money!
Fill out the Application

Special Seasonal Discounted Rate

$18 per ton (regularly $24 per ton)

​The discounted rate will only apply to the 27th Avenue Transfer Station. There will be no drop-off for palm fronds at the North Gateway Transfer Station.

Please call 602-495-3784 for more information.

**Rate is subject to change.​

​Savings only apply when:

  • Loads contain clean, approved palm fronds
  • Unbagged palm material
  • Any trash separated from the palm material must be loaded into specific bins

About Palm Silage, Inc.

Originating in Southern California, Palm Silage, Inc. will have a location at our 27th Avenue Transfer Station. They are known for creating livestock feed using five ingredients: freshly cut palms, dates, canola, wheat mids and rice bran. Palm fronds from the Certified Palm Program will be used by Palm Silage to create their livestock feed.

​Acceptable Materials

  • Clean palm fronds
  • All species including Mexican Fan & Date palm (Sago palm is the only exception and is not accepted because it is toxic)
  • Chipped palm fronds - no stumps

​Unacceptable Materials

  • Sago palms
  • Moldy palm fronds
  • Palm trunks and bases
  • Oil/gas saturated palms
  • Painted palms
  • Oleanders
  • Any and all other non-palm material including other landscape waste and trash

Contact Us

Please call 602-495-3784 for any questions about the Certified Palm Frond program.