Building Standards for City projects

Each VPM project is programmed and designed to meet the requirements of The City of Phoenix Building Standards manual. The Building Standards are intended to maintain design criteria reflecting current state-of-the-art technology in the building industry, which will enable the City of Phoenix to ensure quality of design and economy of operation and maintenance for City facilities. The criteria maintain the standards for constructing new and remodeling existing City facilities.

Projects are documented as meeting these standards and if needed, reviewed by the Facilities Review Committee (FRC). The FRC�s primary charge is to ensure compliance with City standards and economy of construction, operation, and maintenance. Reviews focus on issues such as: office size or modular work stations, interior and exterior finishes, energy conservation, roof type, floor covering, and ADA accessibility. The committee is made up of representatives from the Budget and Research, Planning and Development, Parks and Recreation, Information Technology Services, and Public Works Departments.

DCM Building Stand