Education and Outreach


 Recycling expert Terry Gellenbeck takes us to Phoenix's North Gateway Transfer Station where he shows us how the Materials Recovery Facility works. 

Would you like a reminder of what you can recycle in your blue recycling container? Download and print this handy RECYCLING GUIDE and make sure to display it prominently in your home.

 Tours and presentations


The city of Phoenix provides a number of recycling education and outreach opportunities to its customers. Learn about proper disposal methods including reduction, reuse and recycling. Presentations vary for the appropriate audience and can be done in person or right here on your computer. We appreciate your willingness to learn more to help our community to be more sustainable.

Contact Public Works to:
  • Request a tour
  • Make a presentation
  • Host a booth at a weekend or evening special event
  • Schedule our education trailer
  • Visit your school


 Education partners

The city of Phoenix utilizes a number of nontraditional educational methods to spread the word on recycling. Two of those nontraditional methods include working with the Valleywide Recycling Partnership and the Arizona Recycling Coalition. These two regional organizations disseminate information on proper solid waste management along with the many environmental education programs they provide. Additionally the city of Phoenix is working with the Phoenix Arts Commission's Percent for Art Project to use various artistic approaches to educating the public on the five R's of solid waste....reduce, reuse, recycle, reconsider and reimagine.

Educational Videos

Phoenix Recycling Project