The following is a list of several wastes that are conditionally acceptable or prohibited at the city’s disposal facilities. This list is provided only as a guide to help our customers and should not be considered complete or exclusive of any other wastes that might be regulated or unacceptable for some other reason. 

Conditionally Acceptable Wastes

  • No friable asbestos-containing wastes are accepted, however, non-friable asbestos containing wastes may, under some circumstances, be acceptable but prior approval must be obtained, call 602-256-3307.
  • Industrial wastes and off spec., outdated, and/or contaminated commercial products, to ensure regulatory compliance, must receive prior approval for disposal, call 602-256-3307.
  • Containers of five gallons or larger must be open, empty or contain less than one inch of dried non-hazardous residue, and be rendered unusable.
  • Refrigerators and CFC (Freon) containing appliances are acceptable from commercial sources only if the CFCs have been removed in accordance with EPA regulations and documentation of that removal is provided. City residents may bring in one CFC-containing appliance but must declare its presence when entering the facility.
  • City residents may bring in five (5) tires per year. No tires are accepted from commercial sources.
  • Dead animals and animal parts will not be accepted without prior approval and proper handling.
  • Bulk propane and Freon containers must have valves removed to be acceptable for disposal.

Prohibited Wastes

  • Regulated hazardous waste (please visit the HHW website for more information about household hazardous waste,)
  • Polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs) or wastes mixed with PCBs
  • Radioactive wastes
  • Infectious wastes
  • Commercial quantities of liquid wastes
  • Special Waste as defined under Arizona Revised Statutes. Visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality web page for more information.

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