Unacceptable HHW Items

Unacceptable items include:

  • Regular garbage and bulk trash

Do not bring non-hazardous products, for example: shampoo, lotions, dish soap, etc... Non-hazardous items can be placed in your trash.  (Or find a friend, relative or neighbor that can use them.)

  • Business/commercial waste
  • Bio-medical waste
  • Medications, Sharps/Syringes (Pamphlet with safe options for home needle disposal.)
  • Ammunition or explosives. These items can be taken to the Police Property Management Facility. Call 602-262-6151 for more information.
  • Large quantities of residential wastes (more than five gallons of each product) will not be accepted. 

Call and ask if you are not sure. Do not bring the item to the event if you do not know what it is. Our Solid Waste Customer Services number is 602-262-7251.