Osborn Road Safety Modifications

​Project Overview

The proposed safety modifications for Osborn Road are aimed at creating a safer environment for all users of the roadway, adding greater connectivity to area activity centers and improving bicycle lane connectivity.

Proposed safety modifications for Osborn Road, between 15th and 19th avenues, include the removal of one vehicular-travel lane in each direction. Reducing travel lanes allows the roadway to be repurposed to include design elements such as a center-turn lane and buffered bike lanes. The new proposed bike lanes connect to existing bike lanes on Osborn Road east of 19th Avenue and existing bike lanes on 15th Avenue.

Project Location

Osborn Road between 15th and 19th avenues

Project Timeline

This proposed modifications for this project are programmed to be completed as part of a planned pavement overlay project that will take place in fall 2018 or spring 2019.

Project Information Resources
Thank you for your interest in the proposed improvements along Osborn Road between 15th and 19th avenues. An Open House Meeting was held on Thursday, May 3, 2018 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., at Saint Gregory Catholic Church, 3424 N. 18th Ave. Materials displayed at the Open House are available for further review and/or download by clicking on the pdf files below

1.  West of Proposed Project Area.pdf

2.  Proposed Project Area.pdf

3.  Proposed Project Area Characteristics.pdf

4.  Goals and Desired Outcomes.pdf

5.  Road Repurposing Criteria and Benefits.pdf

6.  Links to T2050 program.pdf

7.  Road Repurposing Existing and Proposed.pdf

Proposed Improvements Osborn Road 15th Ave-19th Ave.pdf

City of Phoenix staff is currently reviewing comments received from the public. Another Open House is anticipated in summer 2018 to summarize the received comments and provide an update on the proposed improvements.

Comments, feedback, and input are requested by May 30, 2018 and maybe submitted via e-mail to: OsbornRoad@phoenix.gov or by U.S. mail to City of Phoenix, Street Transportation Department, Attention: Transportation Planning & Programming Division, 200 W. Washington St., 5th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Thank you for you again for your time and interest.