Van Buren Street Improvement Project


UPDATE - 7/21/20

Thank you to the nearby neighborhoods for the recent virtual conversations regarding the Van Buren Street (7th-24th Streets) Project. Your feedback on this project is incredibly important. Below you will find the updated materials from these targeted neighborhood meetings. Please fill out the survey by August 14, 2020 to provide input on the direction of this project.

Meeting Materials

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Please fill out the project survey (linked below) by August 14, 2020.


Street sign for east Van Buren Street

Project Background

Van Buren Street presents ideal conditions to demonstrate the benefits of socially equitable, livable neighborhoods fully connected by multiple modes of transportation.

The transportation efforts thus far have included a feasibility study developed for the area between 24th and 40th streets and a feasibility study and preliminary design plans for the area between seventh and 24th streets. This has provided the framework for Van Buren Street efforts being placed in the Phoenix Capital Improvement Program in two separate phases.  

Phase 1: Van Buren Street (7th to 24th Streets)

Phase 2: Van Buren Street (24th to 40th Streets)*


Project Overview

Street scene depicting bike lane markingsThis project is aimed at improving safety and developing a stronger pedestrian and bicycle environment along Van Buren Street that is accessible to future and existing development and all modes of transportation. The improvements will add bicycle infrastructure (per Phoenix's Bicycle Master Plan) and help create  a stronger pedestrian and business-friendly environment (Complete Streets Initiative).


Phase 1

Project Location

The two‐mile project corridor is oriented east‐west and extends along the existing alignment from 7th Street on the west to 24th Street on the east.


This project is intended to modify the existing roadway configuration to provide buffered bicycle lanes and sidewalk improvements along Van Buren Street. The bike lane buffer will be substituted in some areas to allow for on-street parking. Additionally, the current pedestrian access route will be upgraded to incorporate missing sections of sidewalks and construction of accessible curb ramps to meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Landscape features will be added at certain areas of opportunity along the project. Finally, some street lighting and signal modifications will be included in this project.

Main Features and Scope

  • Modify the roadway lane configuration by repurposing the existing street section.

  • New pavement by milling and replacement of the existing asphalt surface.

  • Provide one travel lane in each direction, a center two‐way left turn lane, and buffered bicycle lanes between 16th Street and 24th Street. Bike lane buffers will be modified between 11th Street and 16th Street to provide on-street parking.

  • Reduction of travel lanes is anticipated to help reduce travel speeds along the corridor creating a more comfortable atmosphere for bicyclists to use the road.

  • Existing sidewalks and ramps along the corridor will be reconstructed to meet ADA requirements making it easier for persons with disability to use the facilities along the corridor. Traffic Signals will be retrofitted to provide accessibility.

  • Landscape will be enhanced at several areas between 11th Street and 16th Street.

  • New Street lights will be installed from 9th to 11th street.

  • A transition area will be located between 20th Street and 24th Street to return traffic to normal configuration. This area has a minimum number of adjacent business.


Street configuration illustrations

Project Timeline

Initiate Public Input Process – mid 2016

Preliminary Design Plans – 2016

Phase 1 Design – Schedule pending community input

Phase 1 Construction – Schedule pending community input

The design and construction timeline for Phase 2 currently remains to be determined.


Project Resources

Design Renderings


Project Contact

Jose M. Rodriguez - Project Design Manager



​Public Input ARCHIVE


UPDATE - ​7/10/20

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department continues to dialogue and engage with nearby residents and communities on the Van Buren Street (7th-24th Streets) Project. Feedback received from this direct, targeted outreach will be integral in deciding how this project will move forward. Additional updates will be posted on this project webpage.


March 2020 Public Meeting

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is seeking public input to finalize the design plans for Van Buren Street, from 7th Street to 24th Street.

Please join us to review design options for this location.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 5:30 - 7 p.m.

Open House from 5:30 - 6 p.m. and Presentation at 6 p.m.

Eastlake Park Community Center, 1545 E. Jefferson St.

View public meeting notice

View meeting materials