Floodplain Management Plan

 A floodplain management plan is an overall strategy of programs, projects and measures aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of flood hazards on the community. This plan identifies flood risks, their impact on the community, and a prioritized action plan for reducing flood risks. Floodplain management plans are utilized in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for participation within the National Flood Insurance Program. The NFIP requires the city to review this plan annually.

See the FMP Fact Sheet for additional information about the benefits, purpose and need, and future activities supporting the Floodplain Management Plan.

FMP Fact Sheet (English)   FMP Fact Sheet (Spanish)

View or download the recently updated FMP here

Floodplain Management Plan Adoption Timeline:

  • January 2016  - Release draft FMP

  • January 28, 2016 - April 28, 2016 - Public Comment & Review Period

  • April 2016 - Public Meetings

  • May  2016- Prepare Final FMP

  • June 2016  - Present Final FMP to Phoenix City Council for Formal Adoption


Hasan Mushtaq, P.E., Ph.D., CFM - Floodplain Manager
Email: hasan.mushtaq@phoenix.gov  Phone: 602-262-4026