Maryvale Village Transportation Study


About the Project

​Analyze the existing street network including mobility, transit, and active transportation networks (people walking and riding bicycles), using existing and future land use plans/development and the approved existing street classification map. Identify any gaps in these networks and recommend street, transit, and active transportation facilities and target years for construction based on projected transportation growth and land use in the area. The study recommendations will be consistent with the Road Safety Action Plan Vision Zero efforts, the Active Transportation Plan, and will facilitate future transit oriented development. 

Goals of the Project

Provide guidance on future street, zoning, and policy needs that will help create responsible land use, safe streets, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Project Schedule

Study will officially kick off in July 2022 and be completed in June 2023.

Project Highlights

  • Proactive recommendations
  • Helps emphasize the connection between transportation and land use
  • Considers the safety of people who walk, ride bicycles, and use transit.

Project Location

Area generally is bounded by: 113th Avenue, 99th Avenue, 91st Avenue, McDowell Road, Indian School Road, and the Grand Canal​.

maryvale village transportation study.png

Study Boundary Map 

Map to be uploaded soon.