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For many commuters, one-way trips are less than 2 miles.  When you bicycle to work, school, the grocery store and other destinations you are reducing traffic congestion, cutting pollution and saving money!  Bicycle commuters in Phoenix also can ride the bus and light rail.  When you travel to work by bike, the information below can help plan your route or make connections with transit.  



Bike Lockers at Park & Ride

Daily storage for bicycles at Central Station.

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Bicycle Bo​ulevard

4.6 miles of bike lanes, bike dots, shared lane markings and guide signs.


To file a report on street conditions or request additional information, please contact the City's Bicycle Coordinator.


​Featured Programs, Maps & Information​

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 Bike to Work





bikemasterplanComprehensive Bicycle Master Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan DRAFT is a comprehensive and collaborative effort that had considerable input from numerous city departments. While this plan was developed under the direction of the Street Transportation Department and the Phoenix Bicycle Coordinator, considerable input was also provided by the Police, Planning and Development Services, Parks and Recreation, and Transit Departments.​​​

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Bikesharing—the shared use of a bicycle fleet—is an innovative transportation strategy that positions bicycles among a network of docking positions for immediate public access.  It’s an easy way to ride a bike from one point to another; it’s faster than walking and sometimes faster than the bus or train.  Bikesharing connects you to other transit modes such as Light Rail and Bus.  

Visit gridbikes.com for more information.