Phoenix is a great place to ride for the fun of it.  Explore the links below to follow your urge to explore the city.  We have dedicated on-road and off-road bikeways perfect for the recreational cyclist. 


Phoenix Metropolitan Area Map





MAG Bikeways Map


Bike Lane

Bike lanes have a black and white sign with white bicycle and black letters. It is always marked with at least one white stripe and a bicycle stencil.


Bike Route

Bike routes have a green sign with white letters and may be marked with one white stripe.

Phoenix Sonoran Bikeway  

Phoenix Sono​ran Bikeway

Bicycle from Cave Creek to South Mountain.


Bicycle Boulevard

4.6 miles of bike lanes, bike dots, shared lane markings and guide signs.


Silent Sundays

South Mountain Park roadways are closed to motor vehicles, reserving them for the entire day for non-motorized uses Mountain Biking. ​


SRP Canals

Bicycle 38 miles from Glendale through Phoenix, ending on Scottsdale’s east side. In Phoenix, the path is paved from 51st Avenue and Cactus Road to the west to 24th Street and Missouri Avenue to the east.


Grid Bike Share

Bikesharing — is an innovative transportation strategy that positions bicycles among a network of docking positions for immediate public access.  It’s an easy way to ride a bike from one point to another; it’s faster than walking and sometimes faster than the bus or train.   ​


To file a report on street conditions or request additional information, please contact the City's Bicycle Coordinator.