Bicycle Safety Graphic Novels

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Enjoyable bike rides should also be safe bike rides. Get up to speed on traffic laws for cyclists and motorists. Use the links below to get more information.

ABC Quick Check

Riding Tips

Preventing Theft

Arizona Laws and safety tips in English and Espanol

Information on locks and safe bike storage.

Air - Check the air before you ride Brakes - Squeeze breaks to make sure they are working Chain - Check all gears and make sure the chain is secure.

Tips and suggestions for every skill level.

For more information visit The League of American Bicyclists.​

Share the Road, Safety Tips For Bicyclists And Motorists​ in English and Espanol​.

Helmet your Head, brochure on how to properly wear a helmet in English and Espanol.


Report Road Conditions. To file a report on street conditions please submit a report form or contact the City's Bicycle Coordinator .

Bicycle Laws of Arizona

Chapter 1 -  Definitions and Penalties  

Article 1. Definitions

Arizona Title 28-101 - Definitions

Chapter 3

Article 1. Definitions

28-601 - Definitions

Article 2. Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws

28-626 - Uniform application of laws throughout state; local ordinances or regulations
28-627 - Powers of local authorities

Article 3. Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings

28-645 - Traffic control signal legend

Article 6. Speed Restrictions

28-701 - Reasonable and prudent speed; prima facie evidence; exceptions
28-704 - Minimum speed limits; requirement to turn off roadway

Article 7. Driving on the Right Side of the Roadway, Overtaking, and Passing

28-730 - Following too closely
28-733 - Restrictions on use of controlled access highway
28-735 - Overtaking bicycles; civil penalties

Article 8. Turning, Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning

28-756 - Method of giving hand and arm signals

Article 11. Operation of Bicycles

28-811 - Parent and guardian responsibility; applicability of article
28-812 - Applicability of traffic laws to bicycle riders
28-813 - Riding on bicycles
28-814 - Clinging to vehicle
28-815 - Riding on roadway and bicycle path; bicycle path usage
28-816 - Carrying article on bicycle
28-817 - Bicycle equipment
28-818 - Bicycle safety fund

Article 15. Miscellaneous

28-904 - Driving on sidewalk

Article 16. Equipment

28-954 - Horns and warning devices