Street Transportation Department Facts

Updated: August 2018

Aerial image of Phoenix from downtown


4, 863 Street Miles 

Street Mile Breakdown:

3, 503 miles of residential streets

729 miles of arterial (major) streets

631 miles of collector streets  

1,135 Signalized Intersections


1,583 Left-turn Arrows

40 HAWK Traffic Signals

89 Traffic Circles

2,775 Speed Humps

19,366 Stop and Yield Signs

93,000 Street Lights

2,214 Parking Meters

Cory Seiler 2 Pothole Repairs.jpg

21, 600 Potholes filled each year

180,000 Roadway lane miles swept each year


14 miles of rubberized asphalt overlay applied to arterial/major collector streets in the 2017 program

101 miles of rubberized asphalt overlay applied to residential/ minor collector streets in the 2017 program

100,000+ tons of rubberized asphalt laid per year