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​Welcome to the City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability. Here you can learn more about our plans that will help Phoenix become the most sustainable desert city on the planet including incentives for sustainable living, our climate action plan, ESG reporting and more. With ambitious goals of zero carbon, zero waste, clean air, a 100-year water supply and parks and transit in every neighborhood (and near-term goals of a 50% reduction in carbon by 2030), Phoenix is investing in infrastructure to achieve its vision.  In the last 7 years, Phoenix has spent over $700M in sustainability projects including:

  • $25M biogas facility
  • $15M state-of-the-art compost facility
  • $18M in hydrogen and electric buses
  • $30M LED streetlight project
  • $530M in transit investments providing extended bus operating hours and frequency

In addition to these recent investments, many new projects are underway for 2030:

  • $16M in tree and shade projects to help reach 200 miles of cool corridors
  • 200 new electric vehicles as part of the City fleet
  • Dozens of new solar projects at city facilities to reach 30MW of new solar
  • Lightrail extensions to the south, west and north Phoenix
  • and 100 Miles of cool pavement.

All of these investments, are applied with an equity lens that prioritizes action in previously underinvested communities such that the quality of life is improved for all—not just some neighborhoods. One example is the Energy Access Plan Draft.pdf, that ensures equitable energy solutions for all residents.  ​To view details on these investments and learn more about other sustainability-related topics such as sustainable living incentives, the climate action plan, ESG reporting, electric vehicle program, or solar, select items from the menu on the left.