About SustainPHX

SustainPHX is a comprehensive program to educate, inspire, and empower city residents to create a healthy, vibrant, connected community with equitable resources and a prosperous economy. Sustainability is about more than protecting and preserving our environment. It’s about building strong partnerships with neighborhoods, other government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to work together to ensure current and future generations have the resources needed to achieve the highest quality of life. 

Here you will find information on the city’s wide range of sustainability programs within the three spheres of sustainability: Community, Economy and Environment

  • FOOD DAY 2015
    Learn about this annual event  the city of Phoenix Green Team is hosts in partnership with FitPHX and the  Maricopa County Department of Public Health to celebrate healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food.
    Get information about the city's wide range of air quality programs to reduce ozone and dust (particulate) pollution.

    Read the city's Climate Action Plan, which defines how the city will reduce emissions from city operations as well as expands the city’s use of solar and other renewable energy to create a more sustainable future.

    Learn about how the city's energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy efforts. 

    Learn about the city's integrated policies that encourage the use of green infrastructure and buildings, brownfield redevelopment, creating connectivity within road networks and ensuring connectivity between pedestrian, bike, transit and road facilities.

    Discover the ways Phoenix is supporting responsible growth through connectivity to regional, national, and global destinations.

    Find out how the city plans to reduce the more than one million tons of waste annually generated by residents, schools, apartments, factories stores and offices.  

    Learn how the city ensures you have the highest quality drinking water by testing and continuous monitoring as set by government regulators.

    Learn how the Phoenix Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) helps city leaders identify environmental issues and advises the City Council on opportunities to protect Phoenix's natural and urban environment.  

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