EQC has a new name -- EQSC!

​EQC is now the Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission (EQSC).

Phoenix City Council on March 22, 2017 approved the EQC's name change to better reflect its work. The focus of the now called EQSC has expanded to embrace the social, ecologic and economic objectives of sustainability to improve quality of life for current and future generations.

"Phoenix continues to take significant action in response to our environmental challenges, but we still have a lot to address," said Jeremy Stapleton, chairman, EQSC.  "I am proud of our elected leaders, our residents and my fellow commission members for their dedicated commitment to stewarding resources and improving the sustainability and resiliency of our desert city."

EQSC also announced the release of the city's most recent sustainability report.  The 2015-16 sustainability report highlights the accomplishments achieved thus far by the city and the 2050 Environmental Sustainability goals, which reflect the community's desired outcomes for a socially, economically and environmentally resilient city.