​​​​​Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Vehicles​

​​​On April 22, 2021, Mayor Kate Gallego announced a new effort to advance the adoption of electric vehicles in Phoenix with Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari as its chair. While Phoenix has made important strides in expanding electric vehicle infrastructure, the goal of this committee is to develop an ambitious and equitable roadmap on vehicle electrification for the City of Phoenix. Not only will this ad-hoc committee create a plan that will create the conditions necessary for the people of Phoenix to confidently make the switch, but it will help to tackle some of the leading issues our city is facing - including climate change, public health, and the economy.


Scope of Committee Time Commitment​

The full committee will meet monthly starting in August. Subcommittees, once decided upon, will also meet monthly. The goal is to have the roadmap completed by Spring 2022 at the latest. This meeting cadence is subject to change based on the scope of each subcommittees' roles.


Goals of the Committee


  • Review existing charging infrastructure (fleet, employee, and public), and develop list of recommended locations for additional charging infrastructure to ensure comprehensive coverage and equitable access

  • Develop strategies to facilitate EV adoption city-wide, with special consideration of affordability, accessibility, and equity

  • Develop goals and target dates for municipal fleet electrification

  • Develop goals and target dates for fleet, employee, and public charging infrastructure implementation

  • Review and recommend policy options for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • Review existing partnerships with utilities and other partners and recommend opportunities to leverage additional resources


Climate Change

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a leading contributor to climate change and in Phoenix, 46% of our total GHG emissions come from transportation. Phoenix is at the epicenter of the climate crisis - with severe drought, rising urban heat, and a rapidly growing population, we need to think creatively and with a multi-pronged approach to

reduce our emissions. Phoenix is also taking bold steps to expand our public transit systems, increase our tree and shade canopy, and make our neighborhoods more walkable and bikeable. However, the reality is that most people in Phoenix own a car and need a car to get around. Currently, there are 903,525 light duty vehicles registered in Phoenix - only 8,546 (less than 1%) are electric. In order to reduce vehicle emissions as fast as we need to, a much larger portion of our vehicles (around 22% for light-duty) will need to be electric by 2030. This committee is charged with getting us there.


Public Health

Phoenix ranks 5th in the country for most unhealthy ozone days, 13th in unhealthy particle pollution days, and 8th in unhealthy annual levels of particle pollution. These health risks disproportionately affect low income and black and brown communities - the very communities that currently don't have access to much of the charging infrastructure needed to own an electric vehicle. By making it possible to transition a large portion of our personal vehicles, city fleets, and heavy-duty vehicles to electric, we can improve air quality and protect the health of everyone, especially our working families.


Economic Access

​This committee will work to remove the barriers that prevent many Phoenicians from owning an electric vehicle. This includes improving charging infrastructure along major arterial routes, updating new building codes to include EV-readiness, and providing incentives for owning an electric vehicle. Our goal is to make owning and operating an EV in Phoenix even more affordable and convenient than owning a gas-powered vehicle, therefore making the switch more comfortable for the everyday Phoenician. A major part of this process will be to gather community input and work with community leaders to find and address further barriers that may exist for our working and middle income residents.​

The EV Ad Hoc Committe consists of one member of the City Council and 13 members of the public.  The following two documents were provided to committee members as a primer:  

​​Current Members​

​(click names for biographies)

Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, Chair ​

Omar Gonzales

Delbert Hawk

Autumn Johnson

Kathy Knoop

Clark Miller

Catherine O'Brien 

Vianey Olivarria​

Lisa M. Perez

Caryn Potter

Court Rich 

Columba Sainz

Timothy Sprague​

Katherine Stainken

​This EV Ad Hoc Committee will sunset on June 30, 2022. The Ad Hoc Committee will be supported by staffer from Office of Sustainability, Planning and Development Department and Public Works Department.