EV Benefits


Welcome to the era of options. EVs now provide a broad range of practicality, luxury and performance. Hatchbacks, sports cars, and economy models are currently available and pick up and sport utility models will be coming our in 2021, check out the table below . There’s an EV for everyone. Find the EV that fits your lifestyle and budget.  Check out Plug in America website for vehicle information and shopping guides. Click here.                                                                                                    




EVs are fun to drive!  They have instant torque and offer a very smooth ride.  All electric models have no gasoline engines to cause vibrations and noise.                                                                                                 


COST SAVINGS                                                                                                            

Driving electric can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on fuel alone.   $5 could mean a full charge on a 175-mile vehicle. Meanwhile, $5 in gasoline will probably get you 30 to 45 miles.  You also hav the maintenance savings on top of that. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance. No more oil changes, timing belts, transmission fluid, spark plugs or emission checks.




ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS                           

EVs produce no direct green house gas emissions while driving on electricity, and they are cleaner when considering the indirect green house gas emissions associated with the electricity needed to charge.  Here in Phoenix, gasoline powered vehicles account for over 76 percent of the transmission related emissions.  Reducing harmful emissions results in improving lung related health impacts.                                                                                                              



EVs are powered by locally generated electricity, not imported oil.  Conventional transportation is wholly dependent on petroleum and results in the US spending over $1 billion per day on foreign oil. Electricity generation n the US uses a diverse mix of domestic sources, and only one percent comes from oil.



As demand for EVs increases, more opportunities will be created for research and development, manufacturing, electrical contracting, and green tourism.  In Arizona, there has been an increase in EV auto production with Lucid, and Nikola Motors locating in the Valley and increased adoption of commercial EV fleets.



 EVs can strengthen sustainability and the electric power grid by aiding the integration of renewable energy, helping to manage peak demand, optimizing energy efficiency, and offering potential for vehicle-to-grid applications.