Delivering Water

​Delivering Quality Water Today

Delivering quality treated water to your tap is something the Phoenix Water Services Department takes great pride in achieving on a daily basis. 

Our highly skilled employees make sure the water is tested, treated at one of our five water treatment plants, tested again, disinfected, distributed through a network of about 7,000 miles of water mains, then sampled and tested yet again - all of this before it travels through your water meter on its way to your tap. 

Watch a detailed video about the journey water takes to your tap. This video was produced in cooperation with other Valley cities, SRP, CAP, and Tap Into Quality.

While the steps your water goes through is mostly invisible and seamless to you before you see a drop of it, to us it is a process that is diligently managed every day of the year. All of this is done by our professional staff to meet the customers demand for water, and to meet the strict water quality standards set forth by federal, state, and county regulations. Numerous professionals, from civil engineers that design and oversee the construction of water infrastructure, to the highly skilled treatment plant operators, mechanics and electricians that make sure the plants are running at their best. To the field utility staff that make sure the distribution system is always flowing, and to the water quality inspectors and lab technicians that sample and evaluate the water quality at many points along its journey. Regardless of their position, our goal is always the same: To provide high quality, reliable and cost effective water services. 

Delivering Quality Water Tomorrow and in the Distant Future

While the day to day operation focuses on the delivery of high quality water, there is another aspect of delivery, water resource planning, that is also invisible yet essential to the quality of life of Phoenix customers. 

Proactive water resource planning ensures that Phoenix can accommodate substantial growth while maintaining sufficient water supplies to meet customer needs during future drought-related shortages. Phoenix's water supply portfolio is almost entirely comprised of sustainable water supplies, and is sufficient to protect Phoenix from drought impacts through at least 2020. Successful water conservation and water demand management efforts have kept the city's water needs stable over the last 14 years despite a 30 percent growth in population.

Regardless of  which Phoenix water professional is ensuring that high-quality water reaches your tap, know that We Stand Behind Every Drop.