Managing and Treating Wastewater

​​Keeping Wastewater out of Sight and Smell

Phoenix Water Services employees pride themselves not only on being very good custodians of water when they oversee its delivery to homes and businesses, but also when they oversee its well managed delivery from a home or business to a wastewater treatment facility, and its highly effective treatment once there. Water Services staff ensure that the infrastructure that moves wastewater is well maintained and free of obstructions so overflows do not occur, keeping wastewater below ground and out of sight or smell.

Maintained and Engineered for the Present and Future

The maintenance of the infrastructure never ends. There are nearly 5,000 miles of sewer lines and about 30 sewage lift stations that move the wastewater from its original point of use as water to one of two city operated wastewater treatment plants. At those plants, Water Services employees take custody of that wastewater, sometimes as much as 210 million gallons per day, and ensure that it is highly treated to a point that it can be used again for numerous uses, such as the irrigation of crops, cooling nuclear reactors at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, and creating a riparian environment at the Tres Rios Wetlands.

Behind the scenes there is also engineering, lab, and environmental compliance staff that make sure that the sewer lines and treatment plants are functioning at an optimum level and that environmental standards are met. Throughout the cycle of water use - from delivery to your home or business and back to us again for treatment and reuse - We Stand Behind Every Drop.