Compliance Academy Class Topics

The Compliance Academy is made up of six, 2 to 3 hour classes which educate commercial and industrial facilities about the Industrial Pretreatment Program and Stormwater Management Program requirements.  Although each class is designed to stand alone from the others, completion of all six is recommended. 

Wastewater Discharge Permit - Run Time: 2 Hours

This class explains what the Wastewater Discharge Permit says and what it means; essentially "translating" it for the student.  Permit topics include: Definitions, Discharge Limits, Self-Monitoring Requirements, Record Keeping, Authorized Signatory, Notification Requirements, Compliance Schedules, Toxic Organic Management Plan (TOMP), and Slug Control Plan (SCP).

Wastewater Compliance Sampling - Run Time: 3 Hours

This class discusses the different kinds of wastewater samples required, methodology for collection of REPRESENTATIVE compliance samples, which sample bottles to use, how samples must be handled and stored, how measuring wastewater flow affects sampling, and demonstrates how to complete the paperwork associated with collecting compliance samples.

Laboratory Analytical Issues - Run Time: 3 Hours

Because most permittees contract with a laboratory to analyze their compliance wastewater samples, the focus of this class is to help the permittee become a more sophisticated consumer of laboratory services.  This class includes a tour of the City's in-house laboratory that "follows" a sample from the sample receiving area through the analysis, and shows the steps the laboratory chemists take to produce a numerical result. The lecture portion of the class discusses the types of services laboratories can provide, what information the permittee should provide to and receive from their laboratory, and explains each part of the laboratory report.  Class size is limited, but it is offered twice on the same day.

Enforcement - Run Time: 2 Hours

This class explains how action or inaction on the part of the permittee might result in violations, and then discusses what the City's enforcement response might be.  Notices of Violation, Show Cause Hearings, Civil Penalties, Pretreatment Settlement Agreements, Significant Non-Compliance status, Repeat Violators, and Good Faith Efforts are also discussed.

Pollution Prevention- Run Time: 2 Hours 

This class discusses ways permittees can implement pollution prevention measures in their own facilities which save resources and money associated with waste treatment and disposal.  Industry-specific pollution prevention case studies are provided as examples.  An interactive game at the end of the class reinforces the lesson.

Stormwater Compliance Overview - Run Time: 2 Hours

This class gives an overview of stormwater regulations, including the City of Phoenix (COP) City Code Chapter 32 C 'Stormwater Protection Ordinance', COP Stormwater Management Program and stormwater pollution prevention practices (Best Management Practices (BMPs)).